My Spiritual Journey: Manifesting my Desires #LawofAttraction

You may recall that I am currently in the process of revisiting old spiritual practices that I had fallen behind with due to various domestic distractions. I have been learning about, and practicing, Law of Attraction, for almost ten years now. My journey began in a pretty Cornish tourist town called Looe (later to become the fictional home of my Redcliffe novels series). I found myself at a loose end one morning, wandering around the town alone. And I saw a pretty little angel shop, full of crystals, statues, butterflies and fairies, among other things. I bought some crystals, which began another adventure that I am still exploring, and I bought a book called You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.


That book quite literally changed my life. I had believed people when they said that before. I mean, I love reading, but how can a book change your life? Well, evidently it can, and this one did. As I read the words, I began to feel a light dawning. The world suddenly began to make sense to me. Louise Hay’s words were very practical, very simple, and totally true. I returned home from that trip feeling invigorated and ready to take action to fix the ills of my life. It was a slow process, because I had a lot to learn, and I still do. I find that working with the Law of Attraction can be quite tricky, because very often it goes against everything that I have been raised to believe and follow. It requires me to trust my instincts, to believe what my soul tells me, and that is sometimes challenging when I live in the ‘real world.’


After I read that first book, I was hooked. I went out and bought or borrowed as many more of these types of books as I could get my hands on. I found Sonia Choquette, Esther and Jerry Hicks with their Teachings of Abraham series, and a whole lot of other authors and teachers. I became addicted to Hay House Radio, and I started writing and speaking daily affirmations. I also made an effort to resume my journal, although I didn’t update it every day. There was so much to explore. I am still exploring now. And more recently, during the past eighteen months, I found a new teacher and inspirational person. I joined Google+ in an effort to build on my author platform, and found my way to the Hangout with Michael show. Michael Losier tells it like it is. He lives, breathes and teaches Law of Attraction, and he resonates with me very deeply. So, I am stepping out once again on my journey, continuing the quest, manifesting all of the happy things that I like to feel in my life. We can all do it, you know. Just allow!


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1 Response to My Spiritual Journey: Manifesting my Desires #LawofAttraction

  1. P. C. Zick says:

    Thank you for the reminder. I’ve fallen behind recently, and sorely need the Law of Attraction back in my life.

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