The Awesome Power of a Compliment

Recently I have been experiencing a turbulence of emotions and mood swings, as I navigate the crazy world of parenting in a culture that doesn’t appreciate the true work of the mother. You will know all of this if you have been reading my other blog posts. While I was struggling to regain control and strike up a balance between mothering, being a supportive wife, and being an active writer, my mood began to dip. I began to doubt whether I really should pursue this crazy career as an author. I mean, come on, what is the likelihood, really, of me reaching the top of the international bestseller lists, and all of the glamour and sparkle that will surely follow?

I know the odds are incredibly slim. I have no big contacts in the industry. I live in a small, rural town in the North of England. I have not been writing for very long in the grand scheme of things. And all of these thoughts were weighing heavily on my mind as I tried to make sense of my life a few weeks ago. Perhaps it is the sensitivity that comes with being a creative person. Perhaps it was the effects of lack of sleep courtesy of my eighteen month-old daughter. Maybe it was just the sheer helpless feeling that I am all alone, trying desperately to sell my books to people who might not even want to read them. I don’t know.


Anyway, as I began to slide, my guardian angels sent a little support. I believe in higher entities. I believe in angels, ghosts, spirits, fairies, every mythical creature. They are all beautiful, and magical, and they exist because we make them real. We give them life in our stories, and we channel their power. And my angels saw me struggling. They led me into contact with industry professionals as a result of my own hard work in building contacts and making new friends. And I received a compliment from a lady that brought a smile to my lips and lifted my heart. Somebody recognised the hard work I had been putting in to build my author platform and stay present on the social networks. Hooray! The conversation has ended now. But it may have been the trigger for a whole new adventure in my life. Time will tell…

You are all wonderful, my friends! I thank you for sharing this journey with me. Love and light, and happy days.


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