I Finally Have a Title! #amwriting The Redcliffe Novels book 4

Last week I had a holiday in Scotland with my children and some friends. We had a lovely time. We stayed on a good old-fashioned family caravan park, we visited the town of Ayr, the city of Glasgow, and the Cocoa Bean Chocolate Factory near Kirkcudbright. It was both relaxing and busy as we tried to fit in activities for the children, R & R for for the adults, and enough sightseeing to feel we made the journey worthwhile.


I set my friend a challenge while we were away. I am back in the  groove with my writing, and currently working on book 4 in the Redcliffe novels series. I have been working on  it for almost a  year  now, and it remained untitled, simply listed as Redcliffe book 4 in my computer folder. I wanted it to be something a little different, something that represents the nature of the story, and something that still makes sense next to my first three books in the series: Love Hurts; Love Kills and Love Redeems.

Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel)

Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel)

My first novel, Love Hurts, was named after the classic rock ballad by the band Nazareth. My friend had brought along her rock ballad CD for the car. We listened to every song, and she would randomly shout out, “How about this?” “Would that fit?” “There’s a title!” Nothing worked, so we spent our car journeys half listening to the children chatter, and half listening to the songs for inspiration. Our efforts were rewarded. I now have a title. Thank you, Jo!


Here it is, drum roll please…. Book 4 in the Redcliffe novels series is called Eye of the Tiger.

*White Tiger image courtesy of Animal Kingd0m 


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  1. Ooooooo!! Cant wait to see what you’ve got installed for them next!!

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