Thank You My Friends #AttitudeOfGratitude

Today I start the week feeling refreshed and happy, and very grateful that I live within a wonderful community. Just last week I broke out of my ‘Mummy trap’ and ventured to a local pub to meet a group of women from my home town. We have all lived here for several years, most of us originate elsewhere in the UK (and beyond), and now we are on a mission to make friends. It all started via Facebook, that wonderful social network that creates such drama. I love it, since it brings me together with so many people in so many walks of life.

Anyway, our Facebook group originated from a simple question posted on our town’s community page (sort of the online notice board for the locality). One woman asked for suggestions of local groups she could join where she could make friends and be sociable away from her family. The response was immense! I joined in, along with about half of the town I think. We then arranged a pub outing, and now we have plans for parties, meals out, joint exercising ventures and lots more. I love it! I find it amazing that there were so many women in my town looking for friends, and we were all just sat at home or going about our daily business without ever finding an outlet to reach out and actually say hello.


Finally, I had the pleasure of yet another pub visit on Saturday, which is an extremely rare occurrence for me at the moment. My husband and I left our children with their grandmother, and out we went to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was a bit of a nostalgia night really, because we went out in our childhood town. I visited pubs that my husband and I used to frequent when we were teenagers. Needless to say, the drinking has reduced dramatically nowadays!

So here we are. Monday morning, and even though I had a slight disaster when I got up (my shower has broken, aagghh!), I feel happy and contended. Life for me is about the people we interact with, and the experiences we create. I now have lots of new experiences and adventures to look forward to, and I continue to enjoy being with my two oldest and closest friends whenever we are able. Today I am grateful for friends. Have a wonderful week everybody!

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1 Response to Thank You My Friends #AttitudeOfGratitude

  1. scskillman says:

    A lovely post, Catherine, Friends are so important. You are right about the way they uplift our spirits, whatever’s going on in our lives.

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