Appreciate a Dragon Day

Today has been declared Appreciate a Dragon Day. It was started by an author back in 2004 to help promote her new novel about, well, dragons! I love these mythical creatures. They evoke in  me a sense of wonder and awe. My dragons are always powerful guardians, keepers of ancient treasure and magical talismans. I haven’t actually written a dragon story yet, but I am sure there is one hidden in my mind somewhere.


Dragons are a part of ancient Celtic lore, pagan fairytales that have been embellished and transformed throughout the ages. We always associate dragons with magic, even those in the Chinese tradition I believe. My elder daughter has a particular interest in dragons, and she even has a beautiful framed picture of one standing in her bedroom, of which she is very proud. I don’t see dragons as creatures to fear. I see them as creatures to admire. If we treat them with respect they will happily be our guardians, our protectors, and our warriors.

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2 Responses to Appreciate a Dragon Day

  1. I had no idea there was a day for dragons! Thanks for letting us know. Here’s one of my all-time favorite dragon books, which happens to be by an indie author. It’s about a dragon who has to spend time living as a human. Action, humor, wisdom, and great characters!

    Cinder by Will Wright
    (Pure coincidence that it shares a name with a traditionally published sci-fi.)

  2. human says:

    My story , two months ago at night I took paper and pen Without realizing I draw letters I do not know its meaning , which formed the head of a bird then again Without realizing I draw bird with a long beak on the first bird after than Without realizing I draw head of Dragon on the bird with long beak , wears on his head Sphinx crown and there are 3 points above.This painting have hidden Meanings.Because when I reverse this Painting I see the head of Shark (angry shark) wearson his head dorsal fin but more similar to the pyramid ( 3D Pyramid) , Is there anyone has Knowledge about this Dragon? I draw all this Without realizing ( I am not I ) at that time.

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