#AtoZChallenge – Day 17 – Quandary

The alphabet letter for today has thrown up a rather unusual word for my theme, but one that I find oddly appropriate to describe the nature and content of the Redcliffe novels. I have to thank my mother for this one, because I was struggling to appropriate a letter for the challenge. Mum very helpfully stepped up and filled in the blanks, quite literally!

As a writer, I love words. It goes without saying really. I love traditional, old fashioned prose. There is something tantalising and delicious about reading a paragraph or page of words that perhaps no longer frequent our daily language. Quandary is one of those words. I like the sound of it. I like to roll it off my tongue and savour the sound, emphasising the ‘d’ and softening the ‘y.’ It is a good, solid, useful word.

Red_Riding_Hood                                                         Image courtesy of AnnyaKaiArt

Jessica Stone is well and truly in a quandary throughout the Redcliffe novels. In fact, her life seems to spiral out of control the minute she meets police detective Jack Mason in Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel). Not only does she struggle with the depth and strength of her romantic feelings for the man, but she has to discover just why they are pulled together so powerfully by forces beyond their control.

Moving into Love Kills (A Redcliffe Novel), and Jessica’s quandary moves beyond the bounds of romantic love. She makes her decision to stay with Jack and support him, but at huge moral cost to herself. She makes difficult decisions, she carries out activities that she would never even have considered before meeting the Mason brothers, and she struggles with her conscience as she battles anger, guilt and rage.

Love_Kills_a_Redcliffe_NovelFinally, Jessica meets the ultimate quandary in the third novel Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel). Her romantic life is once again into thrown into disarray, she questions everything she has ever known about relationships and the nature of love, and she steps way over the line into unfamiliar territory. Phew! It certainly is one wild ride!

Now I invite you to check out my fellow #atozchallenge bloggers. You will find some weird and wonderful articles, and we can all make new friends. See you tomorrow for the next letter in our #atozchallenge.


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4 Responses to #AtoZChallenge – Day 17 – Quandary

  1. Tracy says:

    hello from the A to Z. Quandary is a wonderful word, and I agree- underutilized. I run into one just about every rainy day when I debate hanging on my couch with a book or being productive. 🙂
    A2Z Mommy And What’s In between

  2. Nina Gray says:

    Quandary – I love the word too. Not because it sounds great but mostly because I am in the middle of it most of the times in my life!

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