Valentine Love and Marriage

Happy Valentine’s Day folks! I couldn’t let the day pass without some acknowlegdment, despite the fact that my husband and I have agreed not to celebrate it. There is still a small part of me that hopes he might do something romantic and spontaneous to surprise me, but that really isn’t in his nature so I should just get on with the day. Besides, he’s at work until silly o’clock tonight!

collab___twisted_st_valentine_by_srtaaiko-d39irwuAnyway, I was compelled to write a short poem in honour of St Valentine, love and marriage. Here it is:

The sun shines brightly

My heart is light

Today is a day for love

Today is a day for romance

“I’m married,” you say

“I don’t do romance!”

“Why not?” I reply,

“You must be in love?”

That is the question,

Are you in love?

Is this day special,

Or is romance all gone?

Yes I am in love,

But I show it every day,

Here’s to St Valentine,

For love’s sweet memories.


*Image courtesy of Deviant Art via Google Images*

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