Crazy Energy, Fun Times, Halloween and Samhain

Phew! I have had a crazy weekend! Just a short post this evening since I am ready for bed and need my sleep before the start of another busy week. I have just returned from a mind, body and spirit event in Cheshire, where I was selling my Redcliffe novels and doing Tarot and Oracle card readings.

What I love about these events is the sense of community. Throughout the past year I have gotten to know a whole new ‘family’ of people that work within the holistic field. I was especially looking forward to this weekend because it was a return visit to a lovely venue, and I really needed to be with ‘my people.’ By this I mean I could speak freely about my energy work, and we could exchange stories about our experiences and lessons during the last few months.


As we approach the popular festival of Halloween, or Samhain as I prefer to call it, I feel it is a time to wind down. Traditionally this is the time of year when we honour our ancestors by holding memorials to those who have passed. In fact, I have just realised that our national Remembrance Day in the UK is on 11th November. I know the reason for this was the time and date of when the official documents were signed that ended the Great War, but I find it curious that it was this time of year which heralded such a dramatic close…

But I digress. Anyway, I am preparing to honour my ancestors with meditation and ceremony in a quiet space at home. During this weekend I feel I have honoured my friends in the spiritual field by spending time with them and engaging in conversation and general socializing. During the next few weeks I will see various friends and family members for similar activities, and I feel very thankful to have such wonderful people in my life.


I mentioned crazy energy in my blog title. There is a lot of crazy energy around at the moment, mainly due to the 2012 shift. Today I was able to offer a very powerful healing meditation to a new friend (who perhaps was not so new if you believe in past lives!). Together with my sister and spiritual brother we performed a sound healing exercise which was wonderful and left me filled with a sense of complete fulfillment about my current position and situation in life.

Now, I must take my leave and toddle off to bed, as we say in my part of the world! Sleep well my friends, and remember to honour your own ancestors during the next few days…

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3 Responses to Crazy Energy, Fun Times, Halloween and Samhain

  1. e1aine says:

    A good reminder, thanks. We get a bit sidetracked by all the sweeties in our house and forget the meaning.

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