The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a very misunderstood breed of dog. In recent years these animals have been bred for dog fighting and have been used as so called ‘status’ dogs among gangs of youths. It is a shame that there has been so much media coverage about the poorer side of the nature of these dogs. As a result there has a been a massive increase in kennels and rescue centres, where Staffordshire Bull Terriers are being taken in and not given the chance of a decent family home.


I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, who was a rescue dog. He is the most adorable, soft and loving animal we could ever find. His name is Baxter, and he is very playful, he loves cuddles, and he and our baby daughter are showing signs of being best friends even at her tender age of seven months. Before Baxter I had a Yorkshire Terrier, who while I loved him dearly,  had a terrible temperament and I wouldn’t trust him in the presence of young children. I trust Baxter implicitly.

Apparently the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was known as the ‘nanny’ dog many years ago, because they were brought into families as playmates and protectors. I would like to see this good, healthy, family reputation reinstated. That is why I am in full support of re-homing these dogs wherever possible. My brother has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is also incredibly playful, although she is slightly more territorial. But she, too is adorable and loves a cuddle.

Ultimately what I am saying is, if you are reading this post and you are considering getting a dog, please give the Staffordshire Bull Terrier a chance. These dogs are full of love, they will always protect their families, and they will always offer comfort. Baxter seems to know when a member of our family is upset or under stress. He will bring us his favourite toys, he will cuddle in close to us, he will give us kisses, and he will do anything to make us smile and laugh.


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  1. We too have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, Bundy, he is the smaller and younger of our two dogs but definitely the boss. In Australia these dogs are popular, they’re less of a status symbol but more often owned by people who can’t be bothered getting them desexed (or struggle with the concept of desexing – especially male dogs owned by men) and hence they feature heavily in shelters, pounds and rescue centres. Like you, I want these dogs reinstated as the great family dogs that they are, Bundy loves nothing more than to be around humans and is always up for a cuddle or a walk.

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