Law of Attraction – Spiritual Awareness in the Real World

I think it is time for me to share something rather personal. My journey to being a published author has been a long and very educational one, and it is still in its early stages.

Several years ago I threw myself into the study of Mind, Body and Spirit. I had never bothered with self-help books before as I had been raised in a social peer group which didn’t understand them, and therefore didn’t believe in them. Now I have made my own choice. And I believe.

Money and the Law of Attraction

Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning To Attract Wealth, Health And Happiness had a particular impact on me. I only read it recently, but I first learnt about Esther and Jerry Hicks and the teachings of Abraham from a friend a few years ago. ‘Abraham’ is a collective higher energy form which communicates via Esther and Jerry Hicks. Read their book to find out more.

Basically the teaching is about Law of Attraction. This is a belief that whatever we decide upon, we can manifest through our own intentions. I personally have found this to be true, and now I want to share it with others.

It took a while for me to truly believe in Law of Attraction. I finally realised that I was manifesting things, just not the ones I had planned. There was a lot of negativity embedded within my subconscious, and until I could clear it,  I could not bring about the positive changes in my life. Now, thankfully, I am moving forwards.

Using Law of Attraction, just in the last 18 months alone, I have quit an unfulfilling job to pursue my writing and spiritual aspirations. I also married my long-term partner, had a baby, met a lot of new and very interesting people, and was published in three different books. Not bad going really!

It might sound like ‘airy-fairy’ nonsense to some people, but to those of you for whom this theory resonates, please give it a go. What have you got to lose? I had always vowed that by the age of 30 I would have my first child, and I would have a fulfilling career. Well, now I am 29. If that isn’t the strongest example of Law of Attraction, then I don’t know what is!

Witchy Wednesday SpookyMrsGreen

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