#ProductReview: Drinkmate Countertop Soda Maker

I received the Drinkmate countertop soda maker for review, read on to see what I thought of the product.

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My Review

I have always wanted one of these, although I admit I hadn’t heard of Drinkmate in the UK until the company contacted me about providing a review. I knew of the other famous branded soda maker that was popular during my childhood in the 1980s, but my parents weren’t keen on fizzy drinks, so they were a rare treat.

Anyway, I received the Drinkmate soda maker with a CO2 cylinder and my younger daughter was immediately interested in the science of how it worked, since science is her favourite subject at school. She also loves fizzy drinks, so we knew she would love this product. We made our first fizzy drink using orange squash and tap water, nice and simple, and it made a very tasty fizzy orange drink for us. Then we tried it with apple & blackcurrant squash and my husband especially liked that variety. We decided to use the soda maker to create a spooky Halloween punch for our Halloween party at home, and it went down a treat!

I highly recommend the Drinkmate if you like gadgets and you like fizzy drinks. My children and I are having lots of fun mixing different flavours and colours and taste-testing our creations. Our Royal Red Drinkmate machine sits nicely in a corner of the kitchen looking sleek and stylish, and it is very easy and quick to use. One of my friends has a soda maker and they drink a lot of simple fizzy water, saving a fortune on buying the premade bottled stuff. I like a bit of flavour to my drinks but am reducing my caffeine intake, so I like to experiment with juices of different varieties. This product is a winner for our family!

About the Product

Carbonate your drinks at home with the Drinkmate countertop soda maker. Water, juices, iced tea or coffee, wine, cocktails, mocktails, and even flat soda or beer- the Drinkmate OmniFizz can add sparkle to all of them!  Available in a variety of stylish colours and kits to suit your needs.

Free shipping on orders of £80+ (Mainland UK only)

Shop Drinkmate (UK) here.

Shop Drinkmate (US) here.

Shop Drinkmate on Amazon.

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