‘The Science of Beauty” : New Book Opens Our Eyes To The Truth Of What It Means To Be Beautiful

This is the ultimate, unique, innovative, comprehensive, thought-provoking, and ground-breaking book on the topic of beauty!

Prepare to be bombarded with a relentless tide of novel, yet intriguingly logical and insightful, ideas and compelling theories. It blindingly enlightens on the real meaning of beauty by exploding all the distortion, myths and confusion surrounding what should be viewed as an objective, standardised concept. It seeks to inspire by presenting the reader with an original and creative approach to a subject that is treated with a curious, almost schizophrenic, duplicity, being portrayed in the public realm as trivial, inconsequential and frivolous, while being accorded the status of supreme importance in the domain of the private, personal and subconscious.

The work is directed at reconciling the two aspects of this dichotomy, in order to provide a single, overarching, comprehensive analysis of what is arguably one of the greatest, dynamic forces in history. Despite its serious intent, the book also entertains, captivating the reader through its skilful, measured and colourful use of language to evoke the most vivid, photographic imagery and bold, humorous style, while fearlessly focusing on famous figures by way of example, in order to strike the loudest chord with the widest possible audience.

Order your copy today.

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