13 Unusual Witch Gifts for Halloween

Do you have a Halloween birthday coming up? Maybe you need a gift for your witch friend and want to choose something unusual. Check out my list below, and yes, it must be 13 items!

(I earn commission if you shop through the links below)

1. Halloween Decorations Witches with Bats Spider Cat and Crow. Available from Chic Me

2. Wooden Divination Board with Crystal Dowsing Pendulum Necklace. From Amazon.

      3.   Full Length Hooded Cape Halloween Cloak Witch Cosplay Costume. Available from Chic Me

      4.   Metal Weathervane Black Witch Shape. Wind Direction Indicator for Garden. From Amazon.

      5.   Halloween Cat or Dog Costume Set – Because our pets must join in the fun! From Chic Me

      6.   Witches Broth Cauldron Soup Bowl with Broom Spoon. Available from Amazon.

      7.   Halloween Witch Hat Cosplay Props Party Masquerade. Available from Chic Me

      8.   Black Cauldron Salt & Pepper Cruet Set. Witch/Pagan Gift Boxed.  Available from Amazon.

      9.   Halloween Lighted Wreath. Thanksgiving Festival Decoration Ornaments. From Chic Me.

     10.   La Lune Large Coffee Moon Mug in Gift Box. Available from Amazon.

     11.   Halloween Pillowcase. Orange and Black Pillow Cover. Available from Chic Me.

     12.   Bronze Colour Witch Riding Broom Gift Ornament Figurine. Available from Amazon.

     13.   Halloween Skull Skeletal Hand LED Candle. Light Party Decorations. From Chic Me.


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