#ToyReview: Geomag Magnetic Construction Sets

My daughters were excited to receive two Geomag construction sets for review recently. Here’s what they thought of them:

Review #1: Geomag Super Color Magnetic Construction Set

E (age 11) – I like these sets because you can do a lot with them. The magnets are super strong, and the pieces are colourful and easy to work with, which I like. Plus, they come with a special case to store the pieces, so you don’t lose them. They are great for creating cool structures and shapes.

Geomag Super Color Magnetic Construction Set – 52pc £29.99 from The Toy Shop

Creative kids will love building new designs with this 52-Piece Super Colour Magnetic Construction Set from the Geomag range. Whether they’re building colourful structures or testing new designs, kids will love getting creative with this 52-Piece magnetic construction kit. With everything they need to get started, including handy hints and tips, this kit promises hours of fun. Plus, it’s made from 100% recycled plastic.

Review #2: Geomag Mechanics Loops and Turns Construction Set

G (age 8) – These sets are lots of fun to play with, and we have the same ones at school so I’m glad I have one at home to play with whenever I want to. The pieces are colourful and fun, and I like the shiny, strong magnets. This set was a little bit tricky for me to build with, but I had fun trying and I will have fun playing with it again at the weekend.

Geomag Mechanics Loops and Turns Construction Set – 130pc £34.99 from The Toy Shop

Mechanics Gravity Magnetic Track harnesses the invisible forces of magnetism and gravity through original and surprising means. The spheres inside the circuit are set in motion by an innovative magnetic cannon that uses the force of attraction of the accelerating magnet. The motion is provided by the invisible forces of Gravity and Magnetism, without using electricity or batteries.

What Mum thought of the play sets

I think these play sets are fantastic! They kept my girls entertained for a good couple of hours when we first opened them, and they even distracted the children from their devices and TV time, which is always a good thing. I like that the play sets are made from 100% recycles plastic, and that they are easy to store tidily. No more fiddly bits getting lost around the house! The play sets are affordable and come in different sizes and age ranges so you can easily find the best one for your child, or the child you are buying a gift for. They are great for developing coordination, imagination play and learning to follow instructions (they each come with a guidebook to get the children started). I highly recommend them.

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