How I find Living with Cats and Dogs

My kittens are now almost seven months old. We experienced our first Christmas with them, and it was interesting. I thought it would be nice to share my experiences of living with cats and dogs, how I find life as a cat mom, and why I wouldn’t change a thing despite the stress they cause.

I never thought of myself as a cat person. I liked cats but I grew up with dogs in the family and always felt an affinity for my canine companions. Marley is the fourth dog I have lived with, and he is proving the most challenging. I thought my Yorkshire Terrier, Toby was hard work, but he was just a taster! It came as a surprise when Marley seemed happy to accept kittens into our home last summer. Despite my worries that he would try to eat them, he has developed a bond and all three animals play together and cuddle together. They also steal each other’s food.

What is it like living with cats and dogs?

Stinky! I am forever checking the house for pet mess although truthfully the kittens took to their litter boxes straight away and rarely made a mess where they shouldn’t. We had a few accidents in a small area, but I think that was largely due to our work on the house, confusing the kittens when we moved furniture around during our bedroom renovation project. We plan to let the cats outside soon now that they have been neutered and microchipped so that should reduce the inside toilet accidents.

What type of food is best for kittens?

I think it is time to switch over our kitten food for something more filling. My kittens usually have kitten biscuits for breakfast, and half a sachet of meat for lunch and dinner. During the day they sneak into the kitchen and eat the dog food we leave out, which leads me to think they are ready for adult cat food now. Over Christmas they started sneaking leftovers from our dinner plates and it hasn’t made them ill, so they must be ready for more substantial food. I will explore our options for healthy cat food and decide what to try them with.        

Should you get a cat?

Yes! Well, only if you are prepared to look after it properly. Cats are slightly easier than dogs because you don’t need to take them for walks and generally, they require less interaction, or so I thought. Our kittens are both affectionate and stroppy in equal measure. They love to jump on our feet in bed and one of them will scratch and bite my toes if she finds them sticking out from under the duvet. Two kittens prove better in the long run because they keep each other company and you don’t feel as bad leaving them home alone when you need to go out for the day. They are entertaining and adorable just like puppies, and I am kitten smitten!

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6 Responses to How I find Living with Cats and Dogs

  1. bikerchick57 says:

    Congrats on becoming a cat lady and enjoying the two new noses in your household. I hope you have many wonderful years with all of your furry beasts.

  2. I love my furry friends. We currently share our home with Harley, our temperamental calico cat. She’s determined that she’s the boss! lol

  3. Invisibly Me says:

    I felt similar with not being a cat person. We had a dog when I grew up and there was a very close bond between the two of us, in a way that you just can’t picture with a cat because they do whatever the hell they want.

    I’ve wanted a golden retriever for a number of years now but sadly it’ll likely never happen in my lifetime. I would worry about my cat with him though; the dog would be gentle and fuss-free, but I think Virgil would take umbrage and I’d worry about his claws. It’s why I love reading about others who’ve introduced cats & dogs in their home at different times and found them to get along really well.

    Sounds like there’s a lot of poop and stress in your house from cats & dogs, and yet every part of it is well worth it. Lots of love and cuteness in your house, and I bet those sweetheart cats already have you wrapped around their tiny little paws (even if you don’t know it yet!) xx

    • They certainly do! They sleep in Marley’s bed and he sleeps on the floor, they eat his food and he stands back, but when they come to me for cuddles he pushes them away and puts himself on my knee 🙂

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