Tarot Card Reading for Pagan New Year

Happy New Year, my pagan friends! Yes, this week we celebrate the turn of the wheel, and as we spoke to our ancestors on Samhain (Halloween), we prepared to welcome in the dark months of a new cycle in life. Today’s Tarot card reading is the Celtic Cross Spread in celebration of the season, and it is nice and cheerful. See if it resonates with you, and please comment below to tell me your response to the reading.

Tarot Card Reading

1, Current CircumstancesTwo of Wands

Do you yearn to travel the world and visit exotic lands? Maybe you would benefit from a little time at home. Your place is safe and comfortable. You have everything that you need. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

2, Current Influences – Ace of Pentacles

Look around and appreciate what you have. The world is changing, and you will be called to act, but for now enjoy your quiet space. You worked hard for this. Appreciate it.

3, Future Influences – Page of Wands

Someone will bring news of a significant nature. It might be a long-awaited health test result. It might be a job offer. Either way it will be something to celebrate as a victory.

4, Future Events – Page of Swords

You might get involved with a powerful person, someone who gets the job done and follows through on their plans with determination. Trust this leader. They will show you some good experiences.

5, Past Influences – The Chariot

The past few years have been rough, and the scars are still fresh in your mind. Battle weary and tired, you hold fast to the warrior instinct, always ready for another fight.

6, Past Events – The Fool

You were once a carefree young thing, bouncing along in life full of joy and innocent curiosity. Rekindle some of that joy. Embrace your inner child. Be curious, be adventurous.

7, Feelings – Ace of Cups

Well done for working on your Self. Now that you have taken time to heal, you have reached a place of contentment. It might not be perfect, but it is enough for now.

8, Outside Influences – Ace of Wands

Accept the gift that is offered. It might take time to learn a new skill or grow a business. You need help with your project, and someone nearby is ready to step in. Welcome their guidance and their wisdom.

9, Hopes and Fears – The Magician

Now is your time to shine. Yes, it is scary, especially when you are about to declare yourself the person of authority. You can do this. Step into your power.

10, Outcome/Resolution – Two of Pentacles

Now for the fun part but be careful! You may relish the excitement of your new role and you will enjoy being with people again. Life is once again fun and varied. Remember to take time out when you need it, or you might get overwhelmed.


What do you think? I am interested to hear about your projects and dreams that are discussed in the reading. Personally, I will take the advice of the Tarot, enjoy my quiet time at home for the winter season, and look forward to an exciting new adventure in Spring.

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