#Ad – Look what’s just arrived, my #DryEye products!

Having Dry Eyes is a pain but luckily Thea Pharmaceuticals offer these great products to help my eyes feel normal again.

I was very excited to speak with a rep about promoting the importance of eye care products for everyday use. Having been born with a rare eye condition and a congenital disorder, my eyes have caused a lot of pain over the years through surgery, treatments, medications etc. I now have Severe Dry Eye Syndrome as part of my official diagnosis. The other part is Lymphodoema Distichiasis. Sounds sexy, doesn’t it?!

Anyway, I currently use a range of dry eye products to ease the discomfort and pain that I feel every day. One of my prescriptions is for Hyabak eye drops, also manufactured by Thea, but I think those are only available from your doctor. One of the products I received to test is Thealoz Duo which comes in an identical bottle to Hyabak and I suspect will do the same job to relieve chronic Dry Eye symptoms. This is currently my preferred daily eyedrop solution since the bottle is easily stashed in my handbag and I can apply the eyedrops whenever and wherever I need to. I do use eyedrops from other pharmaceutical manufacturers as well.

Another product I received to sample is Thealoz Duo Gel. This comes in small vials that are designed for single use. You twist off the end, squeeze the gel into your eye and away you go! The gel eyedrops are better for me due to the severity of my Dry Eye Syndrome. The gel provides a protective layer on the surface of the eye, while the Thealoz Duo eyedrops are designed to lubricate dry eyes and relieve discomfort. If you use both products together you should feel relief from the scratchy, sandpaper sensations in your eyes, and your eyes should feel more hydrated.

Finally, I will share the Blephaclean eyelid wipes that I received. Now this comes at a good time because I recently met a new eye doctor at my local hospital, and he immediately told me to start using eyelid wipes rather than eyelid solution for the treatment of chronic Blepharitis. This is an itchy condition that generally affects the upper eye area and can leave you with dry skin and a sensation of soreness. The wipes are in sterile packets and you can use them as part of your daily routine, morning and evening.

Do you suffer with dry, itchy eyes and you can’t relieve the symptoms with allergy products? Then you may have Dry Eye Syndrome. It can develop at any age and is affected by prolonged exposure to computer screens, dry environments, and even your diet. I was diagnosed in my early twenties. Please share your experiences with dry, itchy eyes, and whether you suffer bouts of Blepharitis.

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  1. I hope it works well for you!

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