4 Tips For New Parents

Whether you are preparing for the arrival of your new baby or already a new parent, your firstborn can always be worrisome. Not only are you new to the concept of caring for a baby, but their health is your responsibility. Thus, you will want to make sure you are doing and know everything you can to provide the best care and support for your baby. For more tips on being a new parent, keep reading.

Image by RitaE from Pixabay 

Stay Nourished

It is very important for yourself and the baby to stay nourished. It can be easy to forget about your own food routine and schedule when you have a newborn. But take time to eat when they do. 

You may want to look into the Baby Food Industry to see the best foods and brands for your baby. Your baby’s nutrition is one of the most important aspects to consider for their health and happiness, as is yours.

Hygiene Is Crucial

You do not need to bathe your baby in the first few days. You may prefer to wash their face, neck, hands and bottom carefully instead. This is sometimes called topping and tailing.

Choose a time when your baby is awake and content. Make sure the room is warm and get everything ready beforehand. You’ll need a bowl of warm water, a towel, cotton wool, a fresh nappy and, if necessary, clean clothes.

For nappy changes, this will become obvious. You may need to check in case your baby doesn’t cry or show a sign that they have gone to the toilet. Babies need frequent nappy changes. Do not leave them in a wet or dirty nappy for too long because their wee and the bacteria in their poo may make their skin sore and lead to nappy rash.

You Both Need Sleep

You will be very tired for the first few weeks, you may not even get much sleep at all. Your baby will nap often, which is a good chance for you to nap to if you have time. 

It’s normal for new babies to only sleep for 2 to 3 hours at a time through the night, as well as during the day. One reason is that newborn babies are not tuned into day and night yet. Babies also grow quickly in the early months and they have very small stomachs. This means they need to feed little and often. As your baby grows, they’ll gradually start to need fewer night feeds and will sleep for longer at night.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Your Instinct

Everyone will give you advice, solicited or not when you are about to have a baby or have a newborn. It’s extremely valuable to listen to the experience and perspectives of others, as it can help you form your own opinions. But, make sure that you know that what is right for some families may not be right for yours. Let your parental instinct kick-in and listen to it instead. 

Don’t be afraid to forget some advice and use your own gut instinct. You should do what is right for yourself and your baby.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

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