5 Ways to Keep Warm this Winter

January is a cold month here in the UK, and this year we had snow and ice as the new year dawned. My daughter’s snowman is still standing in our back garden, although it has melted slightly, and we spend a lot of time huddled near the radiators and the fire to keep warm. Here are some top tips for keep warming this winter:

1, Keep your feet warm

Keeping your feet warm is a priority during cold weather. We forget just how important our feet are in connection with the rest of our bodies. Wearing warm socks or women’s slipper boots will keep your circulation healthy and reduce the risk of illness. I know my feet are always cold no matter how thick my socks are. Perhaps I need a new pair of slipper boots?

2, Put the fire on

Do you have a multi-fuel stove, gas fire or electric fire? Make sure you put in on in the evenings, even just for an hour, to warm your living room and make the environment safe and snug. I love my multi-fuel stove that we got installed just over a year ago. It stays warm all night and most of the following day when we have loaded it up with coal and logs, and I enjoy watching the flames as I sit on the sofa.

3, Wrap up warm

If you don’t have a fire or you are unable to light it as often as you would like, why not wrap up warmly in a luxury faux fur throw? I love my blankets and throws, as do my daughters. We cuddle on the sofa and cover ourselves in a huge throw while we watch a movie. Perfect for those long lockdown evenings.

4, Eat a proper meal

It is easy to forget about eating properly when we feel anxious or stressed. While we are at home much more these days and unable to eat out like we used to, we might forget the benefits of a full, homecooked meal. I’m no Delia Smith, and I rarely cook properly, but I do appreciate a tasty cottage pie, baked potato with cheese, or a homemade curry every so often. These meals are easier to make than you might think, and can be made with prepared sauces, frozen vegetables and meat-free alternatives. Just last weekend I threw together a tasty cottage pie with some leftover potatoes, frozen vegetables and Quorn mince. Delicious!

5, Wear your scarf

While it is important to stay at home as much as possible during the UK lockdown, we do need regular fresh air and are encouraged to go for a walk once a day. Remember to wear your warmest coat or layer up with jumpers and jacket. Put on your scarf and gloves, and don’t forget your woolly hat. Now might be a good time to take up knitting!

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