Letters from Santa at Lapland Letters

Have you sent your letters to Santa Claus yet? I had my annual meeting with the elves earlier in November, and my daughters were excited to receive a very prompt reply. They each received a personal letter from Santa, complete with activity packs, reindeer food and even cookie mix. We must bake cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, which I think is a lovely idea and could become a new family tradition.

Our letters came from Lapland Letters, and there is a wonderful selection available on the website that can be signed from Santa Claus or Father Christmas depending on your preference. Each letter is personalised for the individual child, and my elder daughter was immensely proud to receive praise for how well she trained our dog during lockdown this year. My younger daughter received a letter to say that she coped very well with the lockdown and the pandemic, and Santa is glad she recovered from her hospital treatment earlier this year. These small touches make a huge difference. You can tailor your letters depending on the age of your child, including one for older children that might need reassurance about Santa and how he manages his deliveries.

The activity packs include a Christmas card that you can colour in and gift to a loved one, a postcard you can send to Santa, a colour-in place mat, a Santa’s secret map of Lapland, a colour-in advent calendar, a Santa Stop Here poster, a Good Child certificate, and the most important item, the letter from Santa. One of my daughters received a packet of reindeer food in her letter, the other received a packet of Mrs Claus’ special cookie mix.

My girls were delighted to discover that they are on the Good Child List for Christmas gifts, and they have the certificates to prove it. Staying good up until Christmas might be tricky, but my girls do like a challenge…  

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  1. Catherine O'Neill Edwards says:

    How do we order these?

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