Chalkola Chalk Markers + Giveaway #chalkolamom

My daughters and I were very excited to receive a box of Chalkola Chalk Pens + Metallic Markers for review last weekend. They arrived at the right time, just as we were self-isolating due to my younger daughter having a cold. The girls couldn’t wait to try out their new Chalkola markers on the whiteboard, and I even allowed them to decorate a couple of wine glasses – what do you think of their designs?

The markers are nice to handle, and the colour is beautiful. It glides on like paint but dries to a chalky texture, and because they are water based, the ink washes off clothes and children, phew! You can use them on whiteboards, chalk boards, glass surfaces, plastic and any non-porous surfaces. They will make perfect stocking fillers for children and adults alike, and I can’t wait to use them with my stamps when I make Christmas cards and birthday cards. Chalkola Markers would be a great gift for the craft enthusiast in your life. Use my special discount code when you order: SPOOKY10.

This week I have a special giveaway for you. Head over to my Instagram page and join in for your chance to win a pack of Chalkola Chalk Pens. Good luck!

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2 Responses to Chalkola Chalk Markers + Giveaway #chalkolamom

  1. Oooh these look great and fun to use! I’ll head over to your Instagram later and check out the giveaway!

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