Healing Your Inner Child

How to take care of your inner child, even when you don’t know what they need.

Earlier this month I signed up for an online Reiki Summit, where I listened to recordings with guest speakers about a variety of topics centred on the use of reiki healing energy for self-care and good health. Some of the speakers offered short meditations during their talks, and I tried a few of them.

One meditation I did was led by Ashwita Goel, who works with people to release childhood trauma and heal the inner child. It was a short meditation, but it made quite an impact on me. Ashwita guided me (us) to think about a situation that stayed with me from childhood; a small incident that had a lasting impact on my life. I couldn’t think of one straight away, so I sat with the question: what traumatic event from childhood do I need to heal? Then Ashwita asked us what age we were at that event. I was 4 years old and I was at preschool. I may have wet myself but I’m not sure. It might have been the day that I fell into the water tray and got sent home in spare clothes that were too big for me. My mum never tires of telling that story!

In this memory, I felt humiliated and I hated the way everyone patronised me. Being of short stature, I was always small for my age, and as a child I hated it when adults talked down to me, and especially when my peers tried to do the same. On this day, at that time, I know the adults were just trying to be kind, but I didn’t like it. Ashwita guided us to heal that child; to allow her acknowledgment for what happened. I sent distance reiki healing to her and affirmed that I will no longer allow embarrassment to control my feelings. I can accept help when it is offered, and I need not worry about how I am judged for it.

When the meditation ended, I felt compelled to chant SHK, a Japanese Reiki healing kotodama. It connects to the heart and higher self, creating a harmonious balance within and without. I felt calm and content, and suddenly very cold! I had to put the fire on. Such is the nature of energy work, and especially working with Reiki. I have a collection of capes and warm slippers specifically for these situations. Have you worked with your inner child recently? What did they say?

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