Stay at Home with English Heritage Shop #ChristmasGiftGuide

Whether you are looking for a book to assist with teaching your children, want to add some flavour to your baking or if you just want something to keep you entertained whilst social distancing, we have it all at English Heritage Shop.

Wooden Wolf Play Castle

Protect your fortress from the howling wolves at all costs with this wooden wolf play castle. Crafted from sustainably sourced rubberwood, this play set is durable and can withstand years of active play.

Our Price £40.00 – Click here.

A Street Through Time

Follow the life of a street, seeing it develop from a small Stone Age camp – changing over thousands of years – into a bustling riverside thoroughfare in the heart of a metropolis. This beautifully illustrated book brings fourteen key periods in history to life.

Our Price £12.99 – Click here

TOFT Crochet Kit – Emma The Bunny

Create a cute and cuddly friend with this TOFT crochet set. With everything you will need to make Emma the bunny, this kit is a lovely gift for a lover of all things arts and crafts. The wool included is British wool DK yarn to give the cuddly bunny a luxurious feel.

Our Price £25.00 – Click here

Hama Beads Little Princess Gift Box

Any little princess who likes to do arts and crafts will love this Hama beads gift set. It includes everything you will need to create princesses and their pet rabbits. Once your creations have been completed, there are some bead supports so your creations can be stood up on display.

Our Price £12.00 – Click here

Dragon Costume

This mystical dragon costume makes for great fun when acting out your own stories and recreating fairy tales. With white pointy teeth and shiny yellow spikes, this dragon is not to be messed with.

Our Price £25.00 – Click here.

Tug O’ War

Gather friends and family for a traditional game of tug of war. Test your team’s strength against the opposition and see who can pull the flag over the line first. This set comes with a rope, plastic pegs, a marking line and a nylon carry bag so it can be brought along to parties, BBQ’s, picnics and events.

Our Price £22.00 – Click here.

Stonehenge Chess Set

Battle against your opponent in a historically inspired game of chess with this Stonehenge chess set. The board features an aerial image of the historic stones with a black and white check pattern over the top.

Our Price £95.00 – Click here.

English Heritage Cluedo

English Heritage has launched its own creative version of Cluedo to celebrate England’s history and its fantastic sites. Use your detective skills to discover six hidden treasures within nine English Heritage sites, such as Roman coins, the Crown Jewels and the Excalibur sword.

Our Price £30.00 – Click here.

1930’s Fashion Sticker Book

Discover the glamorous Hollywood-inspired fashions of the 1930’s in this stylish sticker book. Dress the dolls in outfits from throughout the decade, from elegant yet practical outfits for a country hike, to dazzling dancing gowns on the set of a musical.

Our Price £6.99 – Click here.

Stonehenge Skittles Game

We wouldn’t usually encourage the demolition of our historic sites, but our Stonehenge skittles game is an exception!

Our Price £18.00 – Click here.

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