5 Ways to Tell You Might Be Psychic


People can have different sorts of psychic abilities but they mostly involve an extrasensory perception. You might feel a strong connection to your past ancestors or rely on your gut instinct to predict the future. Psychic people are also more sensitive and experience more empathy. This helps you to be more aware and connect with others. Whether your intuition is strong or you simply feel more than others, here are five ways to tell you might be psychic.

Your gut instinct is strong and accurate

If you are the sort of person that often relies on gut instinct then this could be a sign you have psychic abilities. If your instinct is almost overwhelming and what’s more, it turns out to be accurate then this could mean you might be psychic. There are different kinds of psychics, however, so if your gut instinct is powerful, find out more about what type of psychic am I.

You sense the thoughts and feelings of others

One of the main qualities of being a psychic is a strong sense of awareness. This includes being sensitive and aware of the emotions and feelings of others. If you feel you’re a very empathetic person this could be a sign of psychic abilities. There are also many other benefits of empathy. It allows you to connect with other people on a deeper level and truly understand them in order to help them.

You have a strong connection to the past

Perhaps you have a strong connection to your past. This could be visions of your ancestors or even frequent deja vu. There are meditation exercises you can try to hone in on this and connect with past ancestors. It might help you to form a better understanding of your present and future.

You have predicted the future

The ability most people associate with psychics is predicting the future. If you feel like you have predicted an event for whatever reason, whether it came to you in a dream or you simply had an overwhelming gut instinct, this could be a sign you might be psychic. It’s very interesting to learn how your brain makes predictions and how certain people’s intuition is much stronger than others. It’s worth trying to explore this idea further if you believe you have predicted the future. 

You experience vivid dreams

Another common association with psychic abilities is dreams and visions. You might be experiencing particularly vivid dreams or even visions which lead you to predict future events or to a knowledge of the past, you wouldn’t normally have. It’s often said vivid dreams and visions are a sign of psychic ability so if this is a frequent occurrence for you might have this. 

There are different types of psychics and psychic abilities. Many people associate being psychic with predicting the future but it can be more complicated than that. If you believe you have a stronger sense of intuition or awareness than most, then you could be showing signs of psychic abilities.

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