Connecting with My Ancestors

I have come to associate this time of year with death and darkness. That doesn’t mean it has to be unpleasant. It seems that in my family and close circle of friends, our loved ones have passed during the dark months of the year.

Following All Hallows Eve, or Samhain (Halloween), I like to focus my attention on my ancestors, whoever they may be. It is important that I honour their contribution to my life, directly or indirectly, and pay my respects quietly and peacefully. Usually I will light candles on my altar, look at family photos, and take five or ten minutes out of my day to think about my departed grandparents and my remaining Nanna, who will be 90 tomorrow. She is grieving the loss of my Grandad, who died in March, and of course we cannot visit Nan due to the current lockdown restrictions. I feel very sad that we cannot gather together as a family, and we are a large family, but the times are changing, and we have to move with them. At least we have the telephone.

Earlier this week I signed up for an online Reiki Summit, and I am thoroughly enjoying the speakers and meditations that have been shared for free. I have subsequently signed up for further meditation classes, and I am excited to develop my reiki practice further in the company of my peers from around the world. It is wonderful that we can connect energetically across great distances. I am already enjoying a weekly distance healing reiki share with The Reiki Association via Zoom, connecting with people that I wouldn’t ordinarily meet. There are upsides to this pandemic, not to be disrespectful to those who are struggling.

One meditation came from Sonja Bollnow. She works in generational healing and gave a short, guided meditation for an ancestral healing journey. That 10 minutes was utterly amazing; I’m still trying to make sense of it!

Sonja asked us to sit comfortably and do our usual preparation for Reiki meditation. I dry bathed and entered Hatsurei. My mind was blank, and I felt calm. Sonja asked us to call our parents into the meditation. I saw Mum sitting just in front of me on my left side, and Dad on my right, forming a triangle. I thanked them for bringing me into the world and for nurturing me, and I sent healing energy to both of them.

Sonja then asked us to call in our grandparents. That’s when I lost the plot. I started sobbing and crying, with tears streaming down my face. The dog didn’t know what to do! I begged my Nan not to give up and to accept the healing energy that I offered. She is suffering a lot of grief right now, not only for Grandad but for other family members. Grandad stood beside her in spirit, and I remembered the last time I saw him alive back in February this year.

Then I looked to Dad and saw Nan and Grandad H standing behind him. I could see their smiling faces and I can feel their pride for the family and for the achievements of their grandchildren. I sensed my aunts, uncles and cousins gathered around the respective parents, and with Sonja’s guidance, I invited great-grandparents and other ancestors to join us. My family is vast! I sent healing energy to everyone and I gently told Mum and Dad that I don’t need the pain of their divorce any longer. I let it go. My situation is not theirs and I am not repeating old patterns.

This short meditation was incredibly powerful and just what I needed. It’s amazing what you can achieve in 10 minutes!

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3 Responses to Connecting with My Ancestors

  1. hazel says:

    What a beautiful and profound experience! I recently did something similar and did my Sacred Grove meditation (Druidry) and connected with my Grandad who passed away earlier this year. It was amazing. Thank you for sharing this experience.

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