The Joy of Meeting our Neighbours #WATWB

We Are the World BlogFest (#WATWB) celebrates special people and small stories of inspiration and hope in the world. Let’s face it, we need some inspiration and hope during this time of pandemic and social distancing.

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This month I have been working through a personal crisis relating to my husband’s refusal to acknowledge that his mental illness is damaging our marriage. He currently works six days per week, leaving home at around 5:30am and returning from work somewhere between 9 and 10pm every night. These hours are way beyond what his employers expect of him, but he is a site manager and he feels the need to complete his to-do list every single day. This impossible task is something that we all battle with, but he cannot see my point of view. He rarely answers his phone and never attempts to check in with me during the long days of lockdown. I feel I have been abandoned with our children for the past two months. This isn’t very cheerful, you might be thinking, how is this a good news story? Let me tell you…

The Joy of Meeting our Neighbours #WATWB

I have redecorated most of our downstairs space at home during lockdown. Then I moved my attention back to our garden, which had grown wild and unkempt because I could not keep up with the maintenance while working inside. I have engaged the children to help with weeding and digging borders, they have shopped for new plants and helped me make the garden look much nicer and more cheerful. While I was working in our front garden earlier this week, I glanced up to see my elderly neighbour next door-but-one. My neighbours on either side have continued to work full-time throughout lockdown so I rarely see them to speak to. The elderly lady called out to me, and after a few words shouted across the driveways, I moved to the bottom of her driveway for a more personal conversation. It was the longest I had spoken to her in the two years we have lived in this house, and I came away feeling like a weight had been lifted. I need the companionship of my neighbours. Our previous home was a terraced house with small gardens, and we used to congregate with our neighbours regularly on the street or in the communal alleyway. I miss those gatherings, and I want to be able to chat over the garden wall like I used to. Hopefully, I can now develop a friendship with my neighbour, observing social distancing guidelines of course. She is a widow and said that she needs company as well. This could be the start of a beautiful new friendship.

We are the World Blogfest #WATWB

We are the World BlogFest (#WATWB) focuses on positive stories no matter where they’re found. It is all about spreading peace and humanity on social media. All participants post on the last Friday of the month, sharing a positive news story that contributes to making our world a happier, safer, and better place to live.

You can find more about #WATWB over on Belinda Witzenhausen’s blog.

Our hosts this month are:

Damyanti Biswas, Lizbeth Hartz, Susan Scott, Mary J. Giese and Shilpa Garg

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6 Responses to The Joy of Meeting our Neighbours #WATWB

  1. Damyanti Biswas says:

    Ah! I am glad that you are looking at the silver lining! Hope things work out with you husband.

  2. Kalpana says:

    It sounds as if you’re making the most of your lockdown – redecorating, gardening and of coures, the best – your WATWB story about catching up with your neighbour. Funny how neighbour have come to play a larger part in our lives thanks to Covid.

  3. Susan Scott says:

    Thanks Catherine for sharing your story re this lockdown … it’s tough but glad you’ve made this contact with your neighbour. Sounds like you both needed a listening ear – it’s a wonderful and generous quality to really listen. All best to you, Susan

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