How to say Thank You to our Key Workers

There are a lot of people that we as a nation are thankful for during this Covid-19 crisis. We are thankful for our NHS workers, community responders, local nurses and GPs. We are thankful for our carers, our supermarket workers, delivery drivers, warehouse staff, waste management teams and so many more. We should be thankful that we responded so well to the announcement of lockdown. If you are reading this blog post, I am sure you fall into the category of “carer.” I don’t mean someone who does it as a paid profession. I mean as a family member or friend. Perhaps you are at home caring for your children 24/7, like me. Perhaps you have vulnerable older people to consider, or someone with mental illness (like me). How do we unwind when the stress becomes a burden? What can we do to relax, and how can we honestly say thank you to the people that are helping our lives to continue, even under stressful circumstances?

How to say

Are you a crafter with access to a digital cutting machine, like a Silhouette or Cricut? Then you might like to try these svg cuts for your projects. Scalable Vector Graphics can be altered to suit your requirements without spoiling the effect of the image. You can transfer these images onto paper, card, vinyl leather or other fabrics, depending on the capability of your machine. They are ideal for making card toppers, scrap book detail, and to decorate photo frames, tote bags, mugs and t-shirts. There is a lot of scope for the imagination with these bundles! You can use them simply as printed toppers, or you can take a little more time, use some technology, and make a beautiful handmade gift for the carer in your life.

Design Bundles Dog Quotes

I like the look of the HUGE Dog Quotes SVG bundle, and there are lots of dog people in my life that I could craft for. My husband is a key worker in the waste industry, so perhaps I could make him a special dog themed Father’s Day card from the children (and dog) to cheer him up. We could even use our die cutting machine and get creative, perhaps making him a drinks coaster for his bedside table or make something he could take to work as a reminder of his family. Not only my husband would benefit from this bundle. I have friends with dogs whose birthdays are imminent, and a wider network of family members with rescue dogs that would love some of these quotes to hang in the window or put up on the wall. There are lots of other SVG bundles available from the Design Bundles website, covering everything from food fun, to joke themes, “handle with care” bundles, and much more. All you need is a funny quote to cheer up an exhausted care worker after a long day at work. Find your bargain bundle and see who smiles when they receive your handmade craft gift.

Design Bundles Huge SVG Bundle

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  1. Damyanti Biswas says:

    Love the bundles! Especially the dog one.

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