Decorating Ideas for Imbolc

This week we celebrate Imbolc, the pagan festival for Spring. Whilst the weather is still cold and we still feel the grip of winter, we may now see Mother Nature waking up as the season turns. You might notice daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses appearing in your garden or on public green areas. Some trees are beginning to grow leaves again, and others are displaying berries. The birds are waking up and returning from their winter homes. The air feels fresh and full of promise.

Decorating Ideas for Imbolc

A simple decorating idea for Imbolc is to display a vase of Spring flowers in your home. Daffodils are easy to find and will brighten up any room or dark space. You could light a colourful candle, maybe a scented one, or try some refreshing incense. Add a couple of bright crystals to your Imbolc altar, maybe amethyst, citrine or lapis lazuli, and you are all set to celebrate the turn of the season. For my part I have cleaned the room where I perform my rituals (our dining room area), and I have moved a few ornaments around and changed the layout and feel of my altar shelf. It now has photos of family members that need distance healing so I may focus on them during my reiki practice. I have also returned to the mammoth task of stripping away the old wallpaper in our house. Having abandoned the welded-on anaglypta nightmare in our living/dining room, I am now clearing the hall, stairs and landing area. It feels wonderful to make way for new beginnings. Imbolc blessings, my friends!


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