Sarah’s Search for Santa; A New Story with Music for Yule

The enduring popularity of Christmas rests on the deepest magical roots of Yule.  Sarah’s Search for Santa is a fairy tale illustrated with dreamlike music, which explores these magical roots, tracing them all the way back to the Ice Age.  Using spare language, old European Christmas melodies and mesmerizing instrumental music, Sarah’s Search for Santa follows the adventure of a young girl, whose parents recently told her that Santa wasn’t real. Sarah finds a new ornament on her Christmas tree, left for her by a mysterious stranger who visits her home on Christmas Eve. As she follows the stranger outside, she finds herself in an unfamiliar forest where she meets a reindeer who takes her on a magical journey through space and time to find Santa Claus.

Sarah's Search for Santa CD

Sarah’s Search for Santa was created by radio host Amy Gustin and musician John Hardin, who collaborate on The Living Earth Connection, which airs on KMUD in California.  Wanting to explore their European roots, they visited Ice Age art caves in France, hunter-gatherer rock art in Sweden and Norway, and visited north of the arctic circle to learn about Sami culture. This enchanting tale grew out of those experiences and gives magical practitioners a new story to enjoy at Yule, one that appeals to both adults and children.

Sarah’s Search for Santa is available to purchase as a download or CD at:

Sarah’s Search for Santa, by Amy Gustin and John Hardin


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