Summer Holiday Review: Allonby in Cumbria

My family summer holiday this year was a visit to Cumbria, more specifically the Solway Coast. We decided to book somewhere that was closer to home, and it had to be coastal to satisfy my need for fresh sea air. I found a lovely holiday cottage in Allonby, right on the coast and a short drive from both Silloth and Maryport. We stayed there in August, but unfortunately the British weather was not kind to us that week. It was mostly windy, quite wet, but we did get a few sunny spells and made good use of them on Allonby beach, at Maryport harbour and on a beach near Silloth while we explored the area. I can also recommend the Gin Case as a fabulous venue for a family day out. There are play areas to keep the children entertained, a lovely restaurant and gift shop, and most importantly, lots of animals to visit. Allonby beach is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. My daughters and I spent hours collecting broken bits of pottery, sea glass, unusual shells and pebbles. We could have spent a whole day picking up treasures, but we just couldn’t fit them all in the car to bring home!

Summer Holiday Review_ Allonby in Cumbria

The only bad thing about our holiday was that it saw the end of our family dog, Baxter. He had been ill just weeks before we were due to go away, and we decided to continue with our family holiday as planned, because the seaside might help him with recovery. He did get one last visit to the beach at Allonby, and he paddled in the sea, which we know is what he wanted. Baxter knew that his end was near, and he made sure that it happened in his bed, with his family close by. He couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful part of the country. Allonby has a rugged beauty to it. The houses are old and weather worn but still standing, you can feel the energy of past generations and the work that must have thrived during the industrial years of the British Empire. If you are seeking a holiday in the UK where there aren’t too many tourists, then visit the Solway Coast. There are miles of golden beaches, shallow sea to play in, open green spaces and forests in abundance to explore, and everything you need for a nice family holiday. I will add that we took my disabled father-in-law on holiday, and we found everything mostly accessible with his wheelchair. He is able to walk a little bit, so we muddled through, but everyone was very accommodating and helpful. We will certainly revisit the Solway Coast in the future.

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4 Responses to Summer Holiday Review: Allonby in Cumbria

  1. oscarsparrow says:

    So sorry to hear about Baxter. Nothing is lost in the particles of the universe and our perceived time is a temporary experience of our tiny consciousness. The Solway coast looks like a place to think.

  2. Annabel Kirk says:

    I haven’t been to this part of Cumbria before, it sounds lovely. Which company did you use to book the cottage? #FamilyFriendlyStays is all about sharing great accommodation ideas. Finding one which is suitable for both kids and disabled people is really great! I’m always on the look out for suitable multigenerational places to stay with my extended family (one of whom has mobility issues). Thanks for linking up!

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