5 Reasons to Celebrate Pagan Festivals

1, Pagan festivals break up the year into smaller sections, so we always have a fun celebration to prepare for. This month it is Lammas, or Lughnasadh, the first harvest festival.

2, Pagan festivals usually involve lots of dancing and merriment, and who doesn’t love the opportunity to meet up with friends, have a good catch up, and dance the night away? If dancing isn’t your thing, you can sit on the sidelines and observe the party, or chat to other people. You need never be alone.

5 Reasons to Celebrate Pagan Festivals

3, I mentioned the party element of pagan celebrations, but did I mention the food? Each festival revolves around having a drink (traditionally mead, but whatever you prefer is fine), and eating lots of home cooked food. “Cakes and ale” is a traditional reference to pagan festivals, because we usually bake cakes and bread, and either brew our own ale, or drink wine and other alcoholic beverages. Yummy!

4, The harvest festival has a bigger meaning in the sense of community and society. We celebrate first harvest and give thanks to Mother Earth, and her gods and goddesses, for once again creating delicious food that will keep us healthy and strong. We share our bounty with those less fortunate, and the harvest festival has become a big annual event here in the UK, with Christian churches collecting food produce to hand out to the poor and those who need help.


5, Finally, and this is a much more personal reason, we celebrate our very own birthday girl, our little Lammas baby, Georgina! She turns 6 this week, and I have been busy organizing gifts, tidying our home for visitors, inviting guests for her birthday party, and helping her count down to the big day… Happy Birthday, my gorgeous girl! Mummy, Daddy, Elliot, Baxter and Lizzie love you very much.

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4 Responses to 5 Reasons to Celebrate Pagan Festivals

  1. David Gladwin says:

    Can you go deeper into the Pagan festivals? Over the years I’ll seen many variants …..surprisingly similar in other countries…….but your ‘take’ would be of interest.

    • That would take a lot of discussion! You can search for “pagan festivals” in the sidebar of my website and read previous blog posts for the seasons. Here is one to get you started for Mabon, which we celebrate in September: https://spookymrsgreen.com/2016/09/28/mabon-blessings-and-the-wheel-turns/

      My celebrations tend to be small and uneventful, but they have deep spiritual meaning for me as an individual, and I am very much learning through intuition as I try to connect more with Nature and Mother Earth.

      For me the pagan festivals are about celebrating everything we have to be thankful for: good food, good health, family and friends, a safe home.

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