More than Just a Car

Our family has experienced a week of high emotion, coping with change, and learning to let go. It all began with my husband working the last shift at his job of fourteen years. He will no longer have a hand in the recycling and waste management for Greater Manchester, and this has hit him very hard. He was devoted to the job, so much so that it almost broke our marriage, but that is another story. Today I want to talk about the family car. It finally gave up on us last week. Old Worky will work no more!

More than Just a Car

Now, a lot of people would say it’s just a car, why all the fuss? Other people would completely understand our emotional attachment to the vehicle. My husband purchased the Skoda Fabia Greenline back in 2008, and we have taken it all over the UK. It took us on honeymoon in North Yorkshire, it took me to a ghost hunt in Edinburgh, it brought both our babies home from hospital, and it has done countless journeys up and down the M6 motorway, around Manchester and Stoke-on-Trent. With a final mileage of around 235,000, I think we can safely say we got our money’s worth from that car. It never once broke down, except on its final journey. Farewell, Worky. You have been a good car.

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2 Responses to More than Just a Car

  1. 100% get it. I did it with my last house. It was our first house where we ere married, we brought our daughter home to live there. She took her first steps along the landing. So, yep, the emotional attachment you get is important to recognize and actually celebrate.

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