Memories are Precious

Do you remember your happiest moments in life? What about your worst moments? Who stood by you during those times, experiencing both the joys and the sorrows? I can imagine that those answers vary greatly, and each provide our unique experience in life and death. Because that is the point of it all, isn’t it? We go through life making memories and trying new experiences. Some are more exciting than others. Some are more devastating. All these life experiences leave us spiritually richer and wiser.

I learned a huge lesson during the past couple of months. I am still considered young, not yet forty, and I am fortunate to still have all of my close friends and family alive and mostly in good health. But I attended the funeral of my friend’s mother recently, and I am grieving. I hadn’t seen her mother for a long time, but I knew about her life through her daughter. We talked, and continue to talk, about everything that is important to us: children, husbands, careers, family. And it got me thinking about my mum. She is my anchor, my support, my refuge when life gets tough. We don’t live close to each other anymore, and she is mostly housebound due to disability, but she still manages to have my children stay with her for a weekend or a few days during school holidays. She does this so that I can have a break and take time for me. She has always been there for me, and I cannot imagine a time when she won’t be there. But because she is ill, her time is most probably limited. She takes a lot of strong medication, and I know that it isn’t good for her body. So, we must make our memories while we can. We already have lots of happy memories together and will continue to enjoy the time that we have.

Memories are Precious

There are lots of other precious memories that I recall fondly, especially with another close friend who lives with a serious and dangerous health condition. She has Type 1 diabetes, a genetically inherited disease. We have many years of memories to share, from working together at our local chip shop, working together at our local theme park, nights out with friends, day trips, and our visits to watch Bonjovi perform in concert. Oh yes, very precious memories indeed! Then there are the early holidays that we took with our children, staying in caravans and visiting the seaside, nursing each other through marital challenges and our respective health challenges. When I think about all these memories, I smile fondly and my heart swells with love. We will make plenty more memories for as long as we can, but if it should all end tomorrow, we have made it worthwhile. Life is for living!

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