Back to School with Vampirina

I know the school holidays are barely halfway through, but I also know that many parents will be preparing back to school essentials for their little darlings. My daughters recently received a fabulous Disney Vampirina Bootastic Backpack Set for review. This is aimed at children from the age of 3 years, and my youngest daughter just celebrated her 5th birthday, so it was perfect for. Her older sister never got a look-in with this backpack! It came with accessories, including a singing Vampirina necklace, some hair slides that look like Vampirina’s pigtails, and some very funky glasses with cobweb patterns on the lens.


My daughter wasted no time in filling the backpack with her favourite toys, and she clipped the hair slides onto a headband because they wouldn’t grip in her hair due to it being very fine and straight. She loved the glasses, but I think she especially loved the necklace. Fortunately, it does come with an “off” switch, so we don’t have to listen to the Vampirina song all the time. My daughter received attention at a local soft play centre when she wore her Vampirina necklace out and about as well, so I think this will be a hit with lots of little girls! The whole set is very colourful, sturdy and usable, and I think it offers good value for money. Retailing at £24.99 from most toy shops, it would be a fabulous birthday gift for a September child, or even a nice back-to-school gift, or a starting school gift.


We also received a Disney Vampirina Spooky Scooter Set for review, which my older daughter decided to claim. She likes the sturdy design, and she likes how Vampirina is made with her hands curled to fit the handles of her scooter. Apparently, this is a very important feature for the discerning 7-year-old. The scooter comes with a skateboard, and in our set, this included Gregoria, Vampirina’s pet. Gregoria sits on the skateboard, which attaches to the scooter, so they can ride together. It fits very well and doesn’t flop when you lift it up, which has happened with previous toys. Again, we were impressed with the overall quality. This toy retails at £11.99 which I think is very affordable and good value. It’s a good toy for a treat, I think. Both toy sets will be available to buy in the shops very soon, and I am honoured that we got to try them out first. We do love Vampirina and friends!


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