Our New Family Home

We have moved! Our first week in the new house has passed in a blur of excitement and unpacking, and now it feels like we have been here forever. The new walk to school will take a bit of getting used to, but it will certainly keep us fit. Our dog absolutely loves his new garden and is running around every day thinking he is a puppy again, playing with his football. We finally have a proper space to entertain friends, and it just feels so spacious, I love it!

Our New Family Home SpookyMrsGreen

There are of course the usual teething problems. We are currently without internet (shock horror!) and I am anxiously waiting for our new kit to arrive and for the new landline to go live. Until that happens, we have no TV because we couldn’t get ours to work. I think the vintage aerial sockets might need some attention, but we have our electricians booked in to upgrade the wiring, so it will get sorted very soon. For now, we can enjoy our new garden and get used to the work involved in caring for it. Oh, and while I was absent from my work, my blog got featured in the Top 10 UK Housewife Blogs on Feedspot. Excellent! Have a lovely week, my friends!

Mummy Mondays SpookyMrsGreen

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4 Responses to Our New Family Home

  1. Caron Allan says:

    Congratulations – hope you’ll all be very happy in your new home xx

  2. jebjork says:

    Hope you enjoy your new home and have slowly gotten things in order. The garden looks lovely.

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