Be Guided by the Tower #365DaysofTarot

Since completing my #365DaysofTarot challenge late last year, I sort of gave up on Tarot reading for a while. I felt that I had perhaps overdone it slightly, and I needed a break. But I cannot stay away for long, and my beautiful Tarot cards sat patiently in the cupboard, waiting for me to call on them. They knew I would be back, and so did I. The Tarot has helped me through many personal challenges in my life during the past ten years, and I needed guidance now, as I navigated the treacherous path of buying and selling a house. Or should that be selling and buying a house?


As soon as I picked up my Universal Waite Tarot deck, I felt a familiar buzz of magical energy skip down my spine. I call it my “spirit sense.” The cards were happy to see me again, they already knew that I needed help, and they were waiting and eager to get started. If you are familiar with Tarot reading, you know exactly what I mean! It is almost like the sense you get when you meet an old friend after a long time apart. You rush towards each other with so much love and emotion that you can barely contain yourself, and you just want to drink in their energy and remember all that you have shared. That is my relationship with Tarot.

High Priestess Tarot NEJ Photography SpookyMrsGreen

Image Credit NEJ Photography

One card in particular stood out during my Tarot reading. I asked for a general overview about where I stand in the process of selling my house and buying a new one. It is almost complete, so close that I can taste it, in fact, but there is still a small margin for change. And not only the fact that it could fall through. What about when the sale completes, and we finally reach the moving day? My current home has witnessed a huge era in my life, and we have so many precious memories within these walls, that I feel anxious about leaving my sanctuary. But we must move on. We must grow as our children are growing. My Tarot had this message: You are already in the midst of great change, but the tipping point will come suddenly. Everything is about to change. And you really need it. Fair enough. Thank you, beloved Tarot. Blessed Be.


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