#LEGONinjagoMCR – Family Fun at LEGOLAND Discovery

My family and I were very excited when we received an invitation to visit the newly refurbished LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Manchester. We visited last summer and had lots of fun, but I must admit it was looking a little drab. Now it is all shiny and new! The girls love LEGO, as do my husband and I. We recently discovered the joys of the DC Superheroes High LEGO range, when my elder daughter developed a fascination with Wonder Woman.


Inside the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre I was pleased to see that the LEGO brick building machine is still in place. I love that feature, because it brings back nostalgic memories of childhood days spent playing with my favourite toy. We walked into the model city room, where both my daughters gasped in amazement and didn’t know where to look first. They literally ran off in different directions, shouting at me and my husband to “Come and look at this!”


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Again, the LEGO landscapes, cities and features are a brilliant installment, and I was pleased to see some new models in amongst the old favourites. My favourite was Blackpool. There was a lot of detail, and I stood for a good ten minutes or so, exploring the miniature LEGO world that had been created. I chuckled when I saw the Ninjago ninjas climbing Blackpool Tower!


Eventually, we found ourselves in the main LEGOLAND Discovery centre, and the brand new #LEGONinjagoMCR soft play area. We tried out one of the rides, but my younger daughter couldn’t go on all of them because she is 3, and she was a little upset that she couldn’t go on the police chase ride. She soon cheered up when we entered the Master Builder room for a demonstration, and we had a great time constructing a LEGO polar bear, which we then brought home to play with.


Both my girls absolutely loved the huge LEGO pools that are dotted around inside LEGOLAND Discovery. They did a lot of building, and I think my husband enjoyed himself as well, especially when he and our elder daughter spent some time building LEGO cars and trucks, and racing them up and down the specially designed ramps and roads. They could have stayed there all night!


Our elder daughter disappeared into the brand new Ninjago soft play area for a while, and she came out laughing and giggling with delight. Apparently, it is a wonderful place to explore, but my younger daughter was a little tired at that point and declined an offer to play. I asked my daughter what her favourite part of LEGOLAND Discovery was, and she said she loved the monkey bars inside the Ninjago soft play area. After the soft play, we decided to catch a movie in the 4D cinema, and this was our introduction to NEXO Knights. There is another LEGO collection for us to build, as I especially enjoyed the movie.


I did manage to explore the new, improved LEGO café while we were at LEGOLAND Discovery. It is much better than the previous outlet, because there is a now a proper café space as opposed to a few benches. I prefer the refurbished layout, it feels more spacious and less claustrophobic than on our first visit. The children had a little playtime in the DUPLO toddler corner, and eventually it was time to go home.


In closing, I can tell you that #LEGONinjagoMCR is a fabulous family venue. There is a lot to do, plenty of activities, and of course, all of that beautiful LEGO to play with. It is a perfect opportunity to tire the children out during a long school holiday, and the price is very reasonable, I think. You definitely get your moneys’ worth. The target age range is 3-12, but let me tell you, our big kid (Daddy) had just as much fun as the children, if not more!


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