The Dog That Loves Christmas

My dog is giddy about Christmas. He is around eleven years old now, and he absolutely loves opening presents! In fact, we have to watch where we leave things under the tree, because Mr Mischief has a habit of helping himself to presents and cake when they are within reach. Last year he stole a homemade Christmas cake that our youngest daughter brought home from preschool. He ate the whole thing, including the wrapper, and then he opened one of my Christmas presents that had arrived in the post.


It seems that Baxter’s Christmas tradition has continued this year. Last weekend we attended a birthday party and brought home four portions of bespoke birthday cake. We accidentally left the wrapped cake in the basket on the back of our pushchair (it was a late night), and the next morning, our beloved doggy decided to help himself to an extra special breakfast. He ate all four portions, including the tissue paper that they were wrapped in! And the next morning he opened a Christmas present that I had tried to hide in a carrier bag ready to deliver later in the week. Oh, Baxter Green. What shall we do with you?

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2 Responses to The Dog That Loves Christmas

  1. Millie and Pearl love opening presents as well, as long as there’s food in them – anything chocolate has to be put somewhere high up. We always provide some treats wrapped up in Christmas paper for them to open.
    Baxter looks adorable! Am I right in thinking he’s a Lurcher?

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