“What a Beautiful Sky, Mummy!”

This week I experienced the first expression of intended sarcasm from my daughter. She is not yet 5 years old. How is this possible? Well, she did it, and she knew exactly what she was saying. It started when we were walking home from school one afternoon. A few days earlier, I had been very excited about a particularly spectacular sunset that we experienced here in South Cheshire. I wasn’t the only one to appreciate its beauty: several friends shared their photos on the social networks, and our local news channels talked about it as well. My daughter even came running to tell me that the sky was all pink and pretty. Well, we were walking home and she looked at me with a huge grin on her face and said, “Ooh, what a beautiful sky!” in her mock-mummy voice. Little monkey!


Still, maybe I get a bit over-excited sometimes. I look up at the sky very often, you see. When I am washing dishes at the kitchen sink, I stare out of the window and my gaze naturally travels up towards the clouds, where my mind wanders away. Walking to and from school, we have to admire every aeroplane that flies over (and we are on the flight path for Manchester Airport), because our toddler loves flying machines. And, of course, as a pagan, I appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature, and I want to instill that in my children. And you know what? I don’t care if she thinks I’m daft! I will continue to show my excitement for the beautiful sky, the gorgeous trees, and the colours of our seasons. We live on this Earth, and we should blimmin’ well enjoy it while we are here! I’m off to watch the trees now…

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1 Response to “What a Beautiful Sky, Mummy!”

  1. Lisa says:

    That is a really beautiful sky! I love watching the sky. It seems to be more vibrant in fall, too.

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