End to End Cycle Ride: Wild Scotland

As this post goes live I will  be in wild Scotland enjoying the beautiful, rugged scenery of the most northerly parts of the UK.  My father-in-law and his cycling buddies have done an amazing journey through torrential rain, hail and snow storms, and mostly high winds as they battled through Scotland to reach their end target of John O’Groats. It’s a far cry from Lands’ End in Cornwall, where their cycle ride began 2 weeks ago! As they reach their final destination on the evening of Sunday 26th May 2013, we have travelled up (by car, nice and easy!) to share a celebratory meal and hear about their adventures.

Here are some more photos of the journey through Scotland up as far as Glen Coe, and I will add the final ones later in the week…

Scottish_Mountains Scottish_Open_Road Scottish_Town Scottish_Loch Open_Road_Scotland Reward_of_Journey Beautiful_Scotland Blue_Water_Loch Boats_on_Loch BBC_Scotland

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7 Responses to End to End Cycle Ride: Wild Scotland

  1. habisha says:

    Brave and fearless men! Say congrats for me, too. I’m in awe and thankful they’ve made it that far safely.

  2. Good on them ! Some achievement – you woudl be sore sitting in a car seat on that journey never mind doing it on a bike! Glencoe ranks as one of my most favourite spots on the planet – thanks for the pics!

  3. Beautiful images. Congrats to them on their ride.

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