#AtoZChallenge – Day 22 – Vampires

I am a vampire lover. There, I said it! Vampires have always fascinated me and I cannot explain their attraction. I think it has to be their dark, shadowy nature, and the mysterious allure that seems to surround them. Vampires to me are exotic, powerful, passionate creatures, and that is exactly what you find in the Redcliffe novels. My vampires are domineering, controlling, quick-tempered, and very sexy!

The leading vampire in Redcliffe is police detective Jack Mason. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Jack was turned by an ancient female vampire when he was a soldier in World War One. At the time he was approximately 35 years old, and that is the appearance he has retained during his immortal existence. Jack keeps his secret from Jessica Stone when they meet in my first book Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel). She inevitably discovers his true nature, however, and it is not pretty. In fact it all happens under quite violent and traumatic circumstances.

Front Cover Love Hurts

Jessica continues to battle with the vampires during book two, Love Kills (A Redcliffe Novel). By this time she  has discovered that charming businessman Marcus Scott is also a vampire, and she struggles to keep him at arm’s length when he seems irresistibly drawn to her. Marcus is confused about why he is so determined to spend time with Jessica. He usually has no time for humans, except for when they feed him, and so it is his curiosity more than anything that brings him into focus.

Front Cover Love Kills

Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel) brings to a close Jack’s tormented life as a plaything to his powerful female master. She returns to Redcliffe, planning to kill Jack’s brother Danny, and Jessica. She underestimates the power and determination of our young witch heroine, however, and what transpires is a bloody, painful, and fatal battle between vampires, witch, and werewolves.

Front Cover Love Redeems

Now I invite you to check out my fellow #atozchallenge bloggers. You will find some weird and wonderful articles, and we can all make new friends. See you tomorrow for the next letter in our #atozchallenge.

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2 Responses to #AtoZChallenge – Day 22 – Vampires

  1. I always loved vampires too! It is the dangerous darkness that makes them sexy–that element of dark thrill I think. Also I always found vampires sad and haunting which makes them even more attractive.

  2. I’m a huge horror/ vampire fan!! I will definitely be checking out your posts. I’m loving all the creative ideas. #AtoZChallenge

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