My Goddess Awakening, a Spiritual Journey

As I said in a previous post, I have had an amazing weekend of spiritual awakening. Well, actually it was a Goddess awakening, but it all means the same thing. I discovered my true power. I feel the energy of our Great Mother, Gaia, the Great Goddess. She has returned to her family, and has set about healing the wounds inflicted by man over many thousands of years. I am to be a vessel for Her. I will be a channel. And I cannot express the sheer joy, excitement and love that I feel in that knowledge.

It all began many years ago, when I first set out on my spiritual path. I had always felt disjointed in my life, as though something were missing. I needed a place to belong, and I always felt that I couldn’t find it among humans. So I looked to the supernatural world. I developed a fascination with vampires and werewolves, ghosts, witches, and all the elementals that have fascinated us for millennia. It never made sense until recently, when I realised that my imagination was actually telling me the truth. I don’t just imagine these creatures. They are real.


Having acknowledged this fact to myself, I began meeting people who see the same things. I met people who work with angels, fairies, animal spirit guides, and any number of ethereal beings. But I kept quiet about my own experiences. I was afraid of being judged by my peers, and I was afraid that my family wouldn’t accept me. They had always told me I had a vivid imagination. Now they would just think I was crazy.

Well, I am not crazy. I am an intelligent, powerful human being. I am a woman. I am an incarnation of the Great Goddess. My role here on Earth is to raise the vibrations of the people I meet and the places I visit. Together with my brethren, I will spread magick and power everywhere I go, and it will all contribute to the healing of our world.

Ostara Tarot Reading SpookyMrsGreen

Do you feel it too? Do you get chills up and down your spine, and tingling sensations in your fingers at random times? It is all magick, my friends. It is power, it is energy. It is the natural Earth calling to us. Will you answer Her call? Join me, fellow Lightworkers. Our role is clear. We must crack on, there is much to do.

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5 Responses to My Goddess Awakening, a Spiritual Journey

  1. Merlin says:

    Hi Catherine – i feel that She is calling to us all I had a similar awakening experience a few weeks ago that resulted in my show I Walk With The Goddess being recorded. Blessed Be from The Merlin.

  2. I like your unique take on spirituality. Good for you for doing what works for you.

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