Tarot Card Deck and Book Review – Black Tarot: An Ancestral Awakening Deck and Guidebook + Ancestral Illumination: A Guided Journal for Black Tarot

I received this beautiful Tarot card deck, guidebook and journal for review and was pleased to be offered something a little different. I have a variety of Tarot card decks in my collection but this one feels sensual, calling to something deep within. Read on to see my review.  

My Review

These cards are beautiful! They hold energy that I cannot describe, but I am keen to start working with them and explore my ancestral history. Now, as a white woman, I am not the target audience for these cards, but I still felt drawn to them and I really do feel that they want to work with me. Similarly, the accompanying journal is perfect to keep you focused and help you work with the Tarot cards to seek answers from within and to connect with your ancestors. This will make a great gift for the witch in your life!  

About the Tarot Card Deck & Guidebook

For centuries, people have turned to Tarot for spiritual guidance. Tarot has the power to turn our innermost thoughts and personal experience into a visual narrative, allowing us to meditate on and navigate life’s questions. It’s unsurprising then that a reader should feel spiritually, emotionally, aesthetically connected to the imagery in their chosen Tarot deck. But for an increasingly diverse mystic community, selecting a deck can be a frustrating experience when the majority of Tarot iconography is still modelled on predominantly white, Eurocentric themes. To reclaim spiritual representation, Black and brown mystics have taken to creating decks that reflect and acknowledge their mystic power.

Let your guiding spirits and ancestral figures come through with this stunningly illustrated tarot deck and guidebook. Black Tarot is the tarot deck you’ve been missing, complete with 78 tarot cards featuring all Black representations of classic tarot figures and iconography (The Sun, The Moon, Judgement, etc.). An accompanying illustrated guidebook with information on each card including traits, descriptions, action steps, flower, element, chakra, affirmations, and more. Throughout, find lessons on how the moon’s cycle and the element of water influence your life, your readings, and your connections with the divine.

About the Ancestral Illumination Journal

Dive into this beautifully designed journal, filled with prompts, questions, tarot advice, plenty of writing space, and more to help you record and reflect on your tarot journey. This journal is a companion to Black Tarot, a tarot deck and guidebook that draws influence from the moon and the water and features exclusively Black figures. Customize your journal and chart your own tarot journey with the four enclosed sticker sheets.

Buy the Black Tarot Deck and Guidebook here.

Buy the Ancestral Illumination: A Guided Journal for Black Tarot here.

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