Is Your Child Starting High School? Here’s What They Need

My elder daughter begins her High School journey in September, and this marks a huge milestone for our family. She will take a bus to school, she will meet lots of different people, and she will experience a whole new school life.

She also needs a list of school supplies that we have spent the summer holidays collecting, from uniform to stationery, tech products to practical accessories. Here’s my High School shopping list:

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  1. School Shoes – There is one place we shop where school shoes are guaranteed to last for a full academic year* (if the kids’ feet don’t grow again). My daughter now fits adult shoes, but there is a good selection available, including half sizes, at Clarks. See their Back-to-School range where you can get FREE DELIVERY on good quality shoes and trainers. Shop now.
  2. Hair Bobbles – These were specified in the uniform list sent to us by our high school. My daughter needs to keep her hair tied back while she is working, but she is fussy about what she uses. TELETIES are the solution! These fun, colourful and fashionable hair ties and accessories look fantastic as a bracelet then slide seamlessly from their wrists to their hair and give a no-slip, strong-grip hold to keep their hair out of their faces for PE, Tech class and Science experiments. Shop now.
  3. Scientific Calculator – We were advised to purchase the CASIO FX-83GTX Black Scientific Calculator for our daughter, as this is the calculator they will be taught to use at GCSE level in high school. It is not expensive and fortunately we had a willing grandparent to take her shopping for supplies. You can get one for a good price (£11.99) here.
  4. Notebooks and Pens – Kids always need new stationery, and you can get some great deals with up to 50% OFF stationery at Oxfam online shop right now. Their range is also sustainably sourced and made from recycled products where possible, so you can do your bit for both charity and the environment while stocking up your child’s school bag with on trend supplies. Shop now.
  5. 2-in-1 Laptop – OK, this wasn’t on the school shopping list, but we promised my daughter she would have her own laptop for high school, since a lot of learning is now done online. She will need it for homework, coursework, to check her school emails and other projects. We know it is a good investment. My favourite is the HP Pavilion (my work laptop), and our daughter wanted one just like mine. Shop now.

Phew! That is just a portion of our High School shopping list. We had to buy new uniform, including a blazer with shoulder pads that my daughter is not happy with. Fortunately, our high school had received donated uniform from parents and were able to give it away to those who needed it. Since my income has dropped due to medical reasons recently, I was relieved to have the option of collecting free items of uniform. We also received hand-me-downs from friends. You can also find decent second-hand equipment in charity shops and on local community websites if you know where to look. eBay proved very useful.

Is your child starting High School this September? How do you/they feel about it?

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*In my personal experience

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