Toy Review: Geomag Glitter Panels 35 Pieces Magnetic Construction Set

Geomagworld lets imaginations shine through glitter. Create bright, colourful magnetic constructions that stand out.

My daughter was excited to receive a Geomag Glitter Panels 35 Pieces Magnetic Construction Set to review. She told me that her school has these magnetic sets for use during wet breaktimes and for some educational activities. She loves the glitter set for its colour and sparkle. The magnets are strong, and the pieces are sturdy and tactile. My daughter likes sensory toys and enjoys creating and building structures, so this was a great toy for her. I think it would work well for children with sensory processing challenges, and it is a great “fidget” toy for children with a short attention span. My daughter had hours of fun constructing cubes, triangles, random structures, and then changing them around.

Leading a green revolution.

Geomagworld has innovated since 1998 when they invented the first magnetic construction toy. A quarter of a century later they continue to lead their magnetic field. They have a primary mission of encouraging playing together for a healthy planet. Geomag creates their fantastic toys in Switzerland and uses 100% renewable energy to produce them. Geomag has embraced the philosophy of the circular economy.  Their Magicube, Classic, and Mechanics lines currently use recycled plastics. Their packaging is also made with over 70% recycled materials. 

Playing together with vibrant glitter.

Playing together is an essential part of childhood as its allows children to explore and develop their communication and social development skills.  Playing with Geomag teaches children about turn-taking, sharing and problem-solving, collaboration, and even leadership. Geomag’s Glitter range is popular with parents and children alike and it is easy to see why; a great selection of bright, sparkly glittery rods and panels mixed with shiny spheres allowing children to mix sets, share and build together at home, the playground, or park. Glitter is great fun, whether constructing with friends or building alone children are free to create star-studded creations that will drive envious smiles.

Glitter continues to shine.

The Glitter line continues to expand for 2022, Geomag has announced some new dazzling additions. Full of glitz, glam and sparkling, and awe-inspiring play possibilities.

The new additions include the Geomag (534) Glitter Panels Recycled 22-piece set, which is a great way for children and parents to enter the bright and beautiful world of magnetic play. Each Glitter set is fully compatible with the full Geomag range, including Classic, Green line, Supercolor, and Glow. The new Geomag (535) Glitter Panels Recycled 35-piece set has plenty of pieces to join forces with a friend and create together.

Finally, the largest new launch is the Geomag (536) Glitter Recycled 60-piece set, which is packed full of vibrant panels, rods, and spheres allowing endless hours of imaginative play alone or with friends. Each set is for ages 3-99 and made from 100% recycled plastic, meaning shiny playtimes can also be green.  Now you can have the Glitter rods and spheres with you all the time and keep it all neat after playing.  Keep the beautiful glitter storage box on you and be the envy of all your friends. 

Play that never gets old.

Children learn best through creative and open-ended play. Geomag’s award-winning toys are STEM-certified and Good Toy Guide accredited.  Geomag ensures that children can learn key skills through the joy of building, construction, and even demolishing their creations. Packed full of invisible forces that make the magnetic rods and metal spheres attract, Geomag allows children to build endless designs, all you need is your imagination.

The Geomag Glitter Panels Recycled range is available at numerous shops and online stores nationwide. For more information visit Geomag World. Prices start from £16.00.

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