Grieving for Our Cat

I am very sad to report that we lost one of our beloved kittens during the school half-term holiday.

Little Cora was an adventurous soul, and she would not stay in the house. We live on a busy road, but we do have a large back garden and we tried to encourage our kittens to stay at the back where they would be safe. Cora’s sister seemed happy with the arrangement, but Cora decided she wanted to explore the world.

Unfortunately, she stepped into the road at the wrong time and was hit by a car. It was a tragic accident, and I am very grateful to the lady that stopped and picked up our baby, and then set about finding her family so that we could get her back. She ended up with a local animal rescue volunteer, who scanned her microchip and confirmed that she was ours. I then had to collect our baby, arrange for cremation, and then my husband and I had to spoil our daughters’ holiday away with their nanna and tell them the tragic news. Cora belonged to my younger daughter, who is only 8 years old, so you can imagine the trauma.

It has been a long and emotional ten days as we process what happened, learn to live without Cora, and try to reassure her sister that she is safe. Nora seems mostly alright, but she has been restless, and we believe she is looking for her sister. We have shown her Cora’s collar that was recovered at the scene, and her casket, and I think she is slowly making sense of the loss in her own way. She does have the company of our dog, Marley, at least.

Farewell, little Cora. I trust you are having lots of adventures across the rainbow bridge. We have eight months of memories and plenty of photos and videos to remind us of our time together. We will never forget you, sweetheart.  

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2 Responses to Grieving for Our Cat

  1. I’m so sorry. It’s hard losing a companion animal at any age, but especially so young.

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