You’re Bored. Now What?

Being bored – it’s part of our daily life. People say that they are bored all the time, whether they’re at work, with friends or just muttering to themselves. 

But what actually is boredom? 

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Well, that’s a tougher question. On a simple level, it’s simply the fact of having nothing to do. But that’s not the whole story. It’s not just a statement of fact – it’s also an emotion. When we feel “bored,” we don’t feel good. 

Boredom is actually a warning sign that you need to act and do something. When people feel bored for a long period of time, they can begin to feel depressed, anxious and sad. They need to be working towards something to ease the pain. 

If you’re feeling bored, don’t panic. In this post, we present some fun ideas to keep you entertained and drive your life forward. 

Find An Activity That Gives You Flow

The concept of “flow” is gaining traction. It’s the idea that you can be so utterly absorbed in a task that you forget about everything else, including the passage of time. Naturally, this state of being instantly eradicates boredom. You’re so absorbed in whatever you’re doing that negative sentiments simply do not arise. 

Which activities give you flow depends very much on you as a person. For some, it’s writing a beautiful screenplay, for others, it’s playing music on the piano. Find what works for you. 

Do Something That Requires You To Use Your Brain

The average person has a lot of mental horsepower knocking around in their skulls. So when they don’t put it to use, they feel restless. 

If you find yourself in this state, try doing something that requires you to engage your brain. It could be anything from video game development to learning about a new subject. 

Video games are actually a great solution for boredom because they activate multiple brain regions. The best are fast-twitch games that force you to focus on the action. 

Seek Novelty

People who love novelty are much more prone to boredom than the average person. That’s because they are continually looking for ways to stimulate new brain regions. They love the reward that comes with experiencing or learning something novel. 

If that sounds like you, then there’s good news – all you need to do is find something new to occupy your mind. In many cases, it doesn’t actually matter what it is. So long as you find it absorbing, it will have the desired effect. 

Do Something Less Repetitive

When you follow the same routine every day, life can begin to feel a little stale. If you find that happening to you, then try to find ways to make it less repetitive. Otherwise, you risk a lack of stimulation. 

For instance, instead of driving your car to work down the same road every day, take your bicycle. Or instead of addressing the same issue in the office, try applying yourself to a new one. 

So, there you have it: some of the things that you can do to stop yourself from feeling bored. 

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