Try Your Hand At These Fishing Practices, And You Might Just Enjoy!

Anyone looking for a hobby in which they can recover and relax from the stress and hectic pace of everyday life should perhaps try fishing. Fishing requires patience, calm and self-control, but it is also a wonderful balance for anyone who enjoys being in the great outdoors. There are different ways to fish and it is always a good idea to try your hand at the different varieties to see what works.  Let’s take a little peek. 

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Bottom fishing – ideal for beginners

In ponds and rivers there are many fish that live on the bottom. These fish can also be caught by those who are new to sport fishing. When bottom fishing, it is important to place the bait on the bottom of a pond or river so that it floats. So that the bait cannot be torn away by the current, a base lead must be attached to the fishing line. The lead holds the bait and also the fishing line to the bottom of the water. All the angler has to do is be patient, be calm, and wait for a fish to take a bite. However, there are also very suspicious fish such as the shy carp or the pikeperch, which cannot be outwitted so quickly, but other fish such as bream, barbell, eel and catfish are not so suspicious and like to snap at the bait.

Fish for trout with the right bait

The tasty trout is a popular fish, but the angler needs a little patience to catch a trout. The advantage of fishing for trout, however, is that these predatory fish are not particularly picky when it comes to bait, because they like to snap at natural as well as artificial bait. The best times to fish for trout are spring and autumn, and those who want to be successful should try what is known as trolling. The bait is always kept in motion and this awakens the trout’s hunting instinct.

You can also fish for trout in winter, but in the cold season the fish are a little sluggish and usually stay at the bottom of a body of water. Trout simply cannot resist delicacies such as mildew, roach or bee maggots that are placed in a feeder close to the ground. 

Fishing in the surf

Passionate anglers like to spend a holiday by the sea to fish in the surf. Basically, surf fishing is not that different from deep sea fishing, only that the angler does not stand on a cutter, but with high rubber boots in the roaring surf. In order for fishing in the surf to be crowned with success, the angler should look around for areas rich in fish. Depressions are particularly good, but also rocks, because many species of fish like to stay there. In order to fish in the surf, the equipment has to be right. Here a surf rod that is between 3.90 and 4.35 long promises a good catch. Of course you also need good bait. In this case you must look at the best carp bait

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