Make Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary

We should all have our own sanctuary – a sacred space where we can rest, relax and be completely who we are without judgement. In many ways, the bedroom is the perfect place for this because it is already one of the most private in the home, and one where we tend to relax.

If your bedroom doesn’t currently feel much like a sanctuary, but you want to change that, here are a few things you can do:

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Get rid of the clutter

Clutter is not relaxing, It just isn’t. That isn’t to say you have to go bare-bones minimalist in the bedroom, but you should hide away any clutter that you don’t enjoy seeing every day and keep only a small curated collection of trinkets, such as crystals, candles and flowers, that you love on display. These things will lift you up, whereas clothing and other clutter will bring you down, especially when you think about having to tidy them away.

Invest in an amazing bed

You work hard, so you deserve to relax like a queen at the end of the day. If you can afford to do so, invest in a really comfy mattress and one of these beautiful bed frames, and make sure that you make time to recline at leisure as often as you possibly can!

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Light candles

Candles in your favourite scents can clear the negative energy in the room and give off a heady aroma that will lift your spirits. Invest in multiple candles to suit whatever mood you’re in, and be sure to light one whenever you’re spending time in the bedroom. It will feel very decadent for what doesn’t actually have to be a lot of money.

Upgrade your bedding

If your bedding isn’t already the softest most comfortable thing you’ve ever laid in/on, then you need to change that; you deserve to change that. Invest in Egyptian cotton, satin or even silk sheets depending on your personal preferences and luxuriate in them every time you crawl into bed.

Fill your dressing table with pretty things

If you have a dressing table, and you should, filling it with as many pretty things from beautiful glass perfume bottles containing your favourite scents, to freshly picked lavender flowers, and it will fill your sports every time you walk past or sit at your table.

Make the carpet ass plush as possible

Bedroom carpets and rugs should be as thick, plush and inviting as possible. They provide the perfect space to relax and meditate, and they ensure that whenever you get out of bed, you are not hit by a cool and unpleasant floor that shocks you awake before you’re fully ready.

Hang blackout curtains

Blackout curtains that eliminate every spot of light from the room will help you maintain your privacy and get a good night’s sleep, and these days you can get some really pretty blackout curtains, so be sure to do just that.

I truly hope you enjoy your brand new sanctuary space.

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us, I hope you keep sharing such a beautiful ideas in future.

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