How To Make Your Home Feel Comfortable

It doesn’t matter where you live, what size your home is, how much you paid for it (or are paying for it), if it is comfortable, you are going to love it. If it’s comfortable, you’re going to be happy there. So of course, it stands to reason that making your home as comfortable as possible as quickly as possible is the most crucial thing you can do. When this happens, you can truly feel relaxed and you will have found a sanctuary to come home to after a long day at work or to enjoy time in when you have some alone time to yourself. 

But how can you make your home more comfortable without changing it dramatically? Is it really possible to make it more comfortable without redecorating, refurbishing, and otherwise reworking the entire place? The answer is yes; you can make your home more comfortable with barely any effort at all. Read on to find out how. 

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A home will often feel uncomfortable because of the large number of ‘things’ within it. It will feel cramped, it will be hard to move around in, it will be hard to keep clean. Even if you don’t have a problem with the ‘stuff’ in your home, subconsciously it might be a problem, making it hard to relax because you know there are things to tidy and because you can’t enjoy the space as it is meant to be enjoyed. 

Take the time to declutter, removing anything you no longer need and either throwing it out, selling it, or donating it. When you start living in your decluttered home, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable in every area of it. Remember, though, it’s easy to start filling your home up again, so take care. 


Placing different crystals strategically around your home will help to make it feel like a much more comfortable place to live. Crystals are said to work by interacting positively with the energy field around the body (also known as a chakra). They can do all kinds of things from alleviating stress to improving creativity. Rose quartz crystal can even promote unconditional love. 

By placing the right crystals around your home, you can make it feel any way you want to because your chakra will be interacting with them no matter which room you go into. Depending on exactly what you’re looking for, you can use multiple crystals and create the perfect level of comfort in your home. 

Make It Smell Good 

Of all the five senses, it is said that smell is the one that is most intimately linked with memory and contentment. If you can, therefore, make your home smell good, and those smells are linked to happy memories, you will automatically feel more comfortable. 

Just like with the crystals, the smells you choose will depend on the emotions you want to evoke, but since there are scented candles and aromatherapy oils that will help you to include any beautiful smell you want to in any room of your home, you can essentially take your pick. 

From citrus fruits to cut grass to baking to coffee to a log fire, smell is crucial if you want your home to feel as comfortable as possible.

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3 Responses to How To Make Your Home Feel Comfortable

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Absolutely agree, it doesn’t matter about the home itself per se, you can always make little changes to make it more comfortable. I’ve found being at home and needing comfort has become so, so important in these last few years since, well, being stuck at home! I imagine more people are feeling the same with lockdowns during the pandemic. Great tips here, and I’m a big fan of decluttering, though I never seem to reach the point where I’m even anywhere near close to finishing 😂 I used to own a couple of crystals but only ever kept them in a box, d’oh. I quite like the idea of getting new ones and doing something with them actually. xx

    • I love a bit of decluttering! In fact, I have some junk removal people coming later this week to empty my garage (don’t tell the hoarder husband!).

      Oh yes, crystals are brilliant. Admittedly I have more in drawers and boxes than on display, but I swap them around depending on the season and my mood. I have a large Amethyst geode on my mantel shelf that is beautiful, and a couple of smaller crystal balls that add some gothic intrigue 😉

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